Drive Revenue with AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a larger part of our world.  Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are seen everywhere including in the assistant on your smart phone, self-driving cars, chat bots for customer service applications and predictive technology in services such Amazon, Netflix and Pandora.  AI is also now being seen for marketing purposes.  And not just for large corporations, but by local businesses using the technology to generate new business, leads and customer loyalty.

We recognize the value of putting artificial intelligence and machine learning to work for marketing and now offer an automated marketing platform that drives new and repeat customers for local businesses.  By using AI and data science to collect consumer data and actionable insights, automated marketing campaigns can be run that convert new and repeat or lapsed customers.  Clients typically see a 2 times increase in leads and 30% increase in conversion rates which yields a much faster ROI on your marketing spend.

Here Is How It Works

The CRM platform has an AI assistant that automatically sends emails (or SMS messages if opted in) to drive several key areas of your business.  The emails are sent at specific times when they will most likely be converted based upon machine learning, previous behavior of the customer, and a dataset covering 11% of the US population.  It’s very smart and knows when to send certain emails, when not to, who to send them to, and who not to send them to.  It tracks customer behavior through phone, email, text messages and transactions and automatically generates email and SMS lists. Here are the areas it targets:

Testimonials and Feedback

It will ask for feedback from customers, which is the best way to figure out what people love and what you can do better.  It collects feedback for you, notifies you when people respond and stores it so you can access it and promote your business with positive feedback or address issues that are brought to your attention.


80% of consumers search online and 91% check reviews.  Online reviews are key to grabbing the attention of potential customers.  The CRM platform will encourage customers to share their thoughts on what they love about your business.  The remarketing engine knows when a person has visited your business and automatically encourages them to write a review.  It’s all automated.

New Customers

Drive revenue by generating new customers through new customer offers that are sent automatically at certain contact points.  For example, Drew calls the florist shop for the first time.  The AI assistance creates a new customer contact in the CRM and sends them the new customer offer.


The only thing better than a new customer is a repeat customer.  The platform will identify your most active customers and boost loyalty through scheduled messages and activity-based offers.  The platform also knows who should receive the offers and when to send them so you can spend time running your business.


Referrals are the life blood of local businesses.  The platform makes the most of your adoring customers by encouraging and reminding them to refer their friends.  It only asks for referrals after certain behaviors are seen that indicate a higher chance of a customer providing one.


Custom Campaigns

You can create any type of email marketing campaign you would like and take advantage of the machine learning of the platform to get the best conversions to maximize your campaign results.

If you would like to learn more on how you can put artificial intelligence and our automated marketing platform to work for you and your business, we are happy to discuss, give you a demo and answer any questions you may have.  Call us at 828-398-0330 or email us at to schedule your demo.