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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We use sound, leading edge, white hat SEO techniques that get you found on the internet.  Based in Asheville, we serve clients everywhere.
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Benefits of SEO

SEO should not be an afterthought on a website.  Any business with a digital presence should have SEO incorporated into their marketing strategy.  Benefits of SEO are many:

  • Longterm Investment – SEO is a longterm investment and a foundation for your web presence.  It does not go away like PPC (pay per click) does when you quit paying for it and offers longterm benefits.
  • Trusted by Users – Organic listings are more trusted by users than PPC  listings, and even more so with internet savvy users.
  • Higher Click Rates – Organic links are clicked more than PPC links.  Statistics show organic listings are clicked 60% of the time over PPC.  This percentage can be higher with more internet savvy users.
  • Cost Effective – SEO is a very cost effective marketing tool because it targets people already looking for the services being offered.
  • Visibility – SEO will also increase your visibility on the web in addition to just your website through the practice of external link building and local search registration.


We’ll customize a plan that will work for your budget and your specific vertical or industry. We will conduct a consultation with you to determine your goals for your website and your business, then review your website and your competitors’ sites to determine the best possible strategy for which to move forward.

Our SEO uses a combination of the most up to date onsite optimization techniques combined with off-page link building and visibility. We’ll tune each of your website pages for maximum placement and competitiveness while keeping an eye toward conversions. Our off page link building includes local search, local directories, industry sites, strategic link building and a variety of social portals that make sense for your business and target market.

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